Who we are

Community. We believe in community. A city is not made up of individual persons alone but the layers of interaction, dependence and consideration between these people. In fact, cities are communities and are made up of hundreds, perhaps thousands of smaller communities which are woven together to form a living social fabric. We believe that it is critically important that communities are allowed to express themselves and are given a voice that may ...

Diversity. We believe that diversity is beautiful, powerful and valuable.

Where we work

Our services are currently focused in three London boroughs: The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, Hammersmith and Fulham and the City of Westminster. However, some of our clients come from outside of these boundaries and we have also done some work in Bristol and Birmingham on previous occasions.


Who we work with

We partner with a wide range of community organisations, local authorities, and service providers to ensure that we are able to address as many of the needs and issues of our communities as possible. Some of these include.

Our team

Midaye staff and volunteers are a team of real-life superheroes. They spend every day of the week helping people who most need it, fighting for justice and ensuring that the voices of the marginalised are heard. They are a crew of innovative and passionate women who love their communities and love doing good.

Our history

The Midaye Somali Development Network was first founded in May 2002 as the Somali Mothers and Under Fives group, to serve mothers with young children.

The group of mothers along with the rest of the Somali community quickly realised that their community was really struggling to access mainstream services such as education, NHS, Social Services, Housing and Social Security. In response, the group was transformed in November 2002 into the Midaye Somali Development Network to advocate on behalf of the community across a broader spectrum of needs.

Today, Midaye works to help all ethnic minority communities in its area of operation and runs a diverse range of community-led projects and activities, with a particular emphasis on the most isolated and disadvantaged. The charity has a multi-lingual staff and volunteer cohort that support people of all ages and backgrounds. We are committed to building connections and partnerships with other communities and mainstream services for the benefit of all.

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