We would really appreciate your help.

As a charity the continuation of our services relly heavily on individual people, government support, private businesses and other organisations we partner with getting involved in its delivery and under this difficult economic times there is always space and appreciation for further support.


As a charity, our work depends on what we receive and every penny goes towards improving lives. Donations, no matter how small, can make a difference. You may also choose to donate towards a particular service or project. There are many ways for you to give. Please get in touch with us to find out how you can help.

Stay informed

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Midaye volunteers reflect our multi-culturally diverse society. By volunteering for Midaye you can make a real difference and touch the lives of people who are in need of help. Whether in the office or doing outreach there is space and important role for everyone willing to contribute to our important causes.


If you are taking part in a fundraising event or considering running your own event, please think of Midaye. You are welcome to contact us to inform us of the event and we will give you any assistance possible to help you succeed.


If you are looking to offer services to an ethnic minority community, we strongly advise you partner closely with a grassroots organisation embedded within that community to help you bridge the cultural and social divide. We would love to discuss any opportunity you may be looking to pursue within our ambit of operations to see if we can help each other in any way.

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