A Portrait of Modern Britain

The Policy Exchange has published a new report that shows how Midaye has evolved with the face of Britain ‘From Minority to Mainstream’.

According to a new report by the UK’s leading think tank, Ethnic minorities will make up a third of Britain by 2050 and are the fastest growing group.

idil_portrait_of_modern _britainThe journey of Midaye Somali Development Network and its founder Mrs Waris Mohamoud was featured in the report published on 6th May 2014 by Policy Exchange titled: ‘A Portrait of Modern Britain’.

The report attempts to answer the question ‘Who are Britain’s BME communities?’ and through extensive evidence of survey, census, academic and polling data builds a portrait of the five largest minority communities in the UK.


In ‘Pen portrait 22: From minority to mainstream services’ captures the story of Waris Mohamoud the founder of Midaye – how she began the work to help the ethnic minority community and how over the decade the work of the charity she began has evolved with the changing face of Britain from minority to mainstream.

The report states that the face of Britain is changing, currently 8 million people, or 14% of the UK population are from ethnic minorities. However, in terms of growth the BME population now accounts for 80% of growth and has doubled in the past decade, concluding how the BME communities continue to become significant part of Britain.

To read ‘A Portrait of Modern Britain’ by Rishi Sunak and Saratha Rajeswaranmore please see here.

To learn more about the work of the Policy Exchange please see www.policyexchange.org.uk.   To learn more about Midaye services and how you can support our work please email: contact@midaye.org.uk / 02089697456.


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