FGM Support News

FGM Support News

Midaye expands its work to eradicate FGM

Midaye has been awarded a grant from the Department for Education to expand its work protecting women and girls from FGM in the UK.

Over the course of a year Midaye will be working with its health and social care partners to provide community health advocacy support to pregnant women with FGM in the practicing community. Bi-lingual FGM community health advocates will be at FGM hospital clinics at St Mary’s, Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea and Westminster in London, supporting women with translation, emotional, practical support and understanding.

Early prevention is key to ending FGM in practicing communities. Midaye will be running a series of activities in the community and in schools to raise awareness of FGM. Schools training will equip teachers and school staff with tools to help them support girls who may be at risk. FGM Community Forums will bring together members of the community with their health and social care services to increase understanding of the effects of FGM, the law around it, and support services available. They will also provide the community with a platform to improve the understanding local services have about community needs and fears. Midaye is determined to share its practice and build on the success of the FGM early intervention pilot initiated by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, City of Westminster, and Hammersmith and Fulham, to other London boroughs, as well as Birmingham and Bristol.

Filsan Ali, Director at Midaye, said, “FGM is against the law in this country and is a practice that we want to help eradicate. Many women from the community don’t understand the law, and language barriers can prevent them from accessing the right services. By raising awareness about FGM and engaging the community in conversations about this very sensitive and previously unspoken topic, we hope that we can stop the cycle of FGM happening to a new generation of girls. Our community health advocates are at the centre of providing women with emotional and practical support, and cultural understanding to professionals. We are proud of the support we give survivors and the work we are doing with our health and social care partners to expand our approach and build a grassroots movement to eradicate FGM.”

95% of women receiving FGM advocacy support from Midaye report a significant improvement of their knowledge of FGM and access to services.

If you have been effected by FGM and want to access our services or seek confidential advice and support please contact Lotte Good, lotte@midaye.org.uk.

Please contact Lotte Good for more information.



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