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Through targeted services and projects Midaye staff are working hard to improve the quality of education, economic, health, well being and the general mental and physical status of people who are under difficult circumstances as reflected by the diversity of the projects and services we provide.
As a charity the continuation of our services relly heavily on individual people, government support, private businesses and other organisations we partner with getting involved in its delivery and under this difficult economic times there is always space and appreciation for further support.
How you can help Midaye:
Corporate Support
The donation of office equipment, corporate expertise or skill no matter how small can add value and make difference to Midaye both in our internal environment and externally.
 Become Volunteer
Midaye volunteers reflect our multi-cultural diverse society.  By volunteering for Midaye you can make real difference and touch the lives of people who are in need of help.  
Whether in the office or doing outreach there is space and important role for everyone willing to contribute to our important causes.
If you are taking part in fundraising event whether it is local or national or international please think Midaye.   You can contact us to inform us of the event and we will give you any assistance possible to help you succeed and benefit our important services.
As a charity our work depends on what we receive and every penny goes towards improving lives.   Donation no matter how small can make a difference, you may also choose to donate towards a particular service or project.
Please see the contact page to contact us, we thank you in advance.

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