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Meet Your Local Business

Midaye is pleased to announce Meet Your Local Business.

Meet Your Local Business is a free dialogue workshops where the local business engages with Local People.. it is an initiative of empowerment, engagement and development of local unemployed people and local businesses.

There are great benefits to engaging our local businesses into understanding the needs and ambitions of the people in their local area.  It is a chance for all to communicate and understand how they can support one another as a community.

These workshops enable long-term unemployed members in our community to interact directly with different local businesses, entrepreneurs and organisations who are trading in their local area.

“It is not what your community can do for you,
It is what you can do for your community”

Meet Your Local Business is a serious of weekly group workshops, which take place in an informal community setting, all participants must register prior to attending and participation and attendance is free.

Starting: Wednesday 30 January 2013
Time: 11:00am
Location: 7 Thorpe Close, London W10 5XL

Meet Your Local Business will be held every Wednesday until 06 March 2013.

  • Every Entrepreneur is different
  • Every Story is different
  • Every Business is different
  • Every Success is different

Come and hear about how your local business started and how it is run!!

To participate in the Meet Your Local Business please complete the following short form:


We look forward to your attendance.


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