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This is a core and an ongoing service that has been in place since day one. This is probably the most important and in demand aspect of our organization which is accessed by up to 30 service users a week.


As 95% of our service users are refugees, many are unprepared for life in the UK and are unaware of the services available to them and how to access them. They also often have to deal with a major language barrier. 

 Over the years we have dealt with a wealth of issues and built up a great deal of knowledge relating to the various fields about which we offer advice, information and sign posting  to mainstream services. 


Midaye has strong team of staff and volunteers that are dedicated to helping the most disadvantaged people in our community with all types of issues, whether it is housing, benefits, schooling, youth or any other concerns. 


We assist in rectifying any misunderstanding or problem by offering translation and document writing and accompaniment to appointments or home visits.


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