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Midaye is pleased to provide Drama and Movement Therapy sessions for women.

Drama and Movement therapy is an oblique approach which utilizes the creative mediums such as drama, storytelling, play and movement as a therapeutic tool to assist clients on their journey towards healing, change and growth.

Drama Therapy in general has many benefits for people with a range of mental health conditions including depression, psychosis, schizophrenia, borderline personality disorder and bipolar. Midaye’s Drama Therapy is designed to support clients to build self-esteem, retain a sense of empowerment over oneself and promote independence.

The sessions are held weekly at the Midaye community centre, its led by Dominique a qualified Drama and Movement Therapist who is passionate about working therapeutically with vulnerable adults and young people. The sessions are also supported by Emtinan a psychology graduate and a community facilitator, Emtinan is also part of the Midaye’s FGM programme team.

Midaye’s client-centered approach drama therapy provides a safe space for clients to explore and express emotions in their own time, the golden rule is that clients can do as little or as much as they like. This allows the client the space to process on their need to either work through difficult feelings and/or relationships, with the potentiality to work towards a greater understanding of self and others.

Midaye’s Drama Therapy is for anyone who would like the space to explore and express themselves through creative mediums.

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