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Midaye currently provides important Health Awareness campaigns and Women focused health programmes that provide active community participation, education, support and enlightenment:

The programmes are part of the wider NHS campaign to improve the status of health services provision to BME communities.  

Midaye Health Awareness workshops are provided to all the ethnic minority community residing in the borough of Kensington and Chelsea and the City of Westminster.

The workshops are important part of providing information, discussing problems and ensuring health service provisions are received equally by all those who need it.

The workshops have become popular and are valued by all those who take part, especially as

Midaye provides multilingual staff that can explain key health issues in various languages such as Arabic, Yemeni, italian and Somali.  Additional translators are also invited to speak or translate at hand at times when needed.  


The workshops are very beneficial and contribute to community health improvement objectives of Midaye.   

The following video shows the Access to GP programme’s health  awareness workshop in action:



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