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Midaye provides the HealthWorks services to the community, it involves numerous community activities, training and collaboration of activities between users and mainstream providers.  The HealthWorks programme is specifically for the Black Minority Ethnic (BME) individuals, groups and organisations targeting to support their needs.

The HealthWorks programme is delivered by a group of Community Development Workers (CDW) who are from diverse backgrounds and together have immense knowledge of both the target communities needs and the facilitation of health activities.

The organisations in the partnership enable the project to have enormous reach into a wide range of Black, Minority and Ethnic communities, especially targeting the most disadvantaged individuals in Kensington and Chelsea.

HEALTHWORKS√ is designed to:

  • Enable access mainstream health services
  • Support individuals to improve their own health
  • Increase preventative healthcare
  • Create community Health Champions
  • Provide training and skills to individuals
  • Offer volunteer opportunities to Health Champions
  • Develop the capacity of communities and groups

The HealthWorks project provides activities that enhance both individuals and groups.  The services offered consider both specific needs and the wider determinants of health affecting the residents of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (RBKC).

HealthWorks is supported by the NHS Kensington and Chelsea, it is currently a partnership of thirteen organisations and the Dalgarno Neighbourhood Trust which is the lead organisation.   HealthWorks enables collaboration and support to reach all sections of the community.

Midaye Somali Development Network is currently working the HealthWorks project with the following organisations:

  • Asian Muslim Women’s Association
  • Chinese National Health Living Centre
  • Ethiopian Women’s Empowerment Group
  • French African Welfare Association
  • Harrow Club W10
  • African Refugee Project
  • Iraqi Women’s League
  • Healthier Life 4 You
  • Persian Care Centre
  • St. Antonio’s Women’s Group
  • Venture Centre
  • Women’s Association for African Networking and Development (WAND)

Midaye HealthWorks Partners

The HealthWorks activities are diverse and run on different days and times, to join any of our activities please contact the community development worker directly by completing the following short form, indicating HealthWorks in the subject heading:


News updates relating to the HealthWorks programme will be included into the news section of the website.

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