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We pride ourself for the direct contact we provide to people who are in difficult situations and are restricted by barriers such as disability, age, language and health status.  Midaye staff and volunteers work hard to ensure we reach out to all those who are unable to reach us covering all over the Kensington and Chelsea borough.


The Out-reach service is provided at the Midaye office or at the home of the client, we reach out to every individual to ensure our services make difference to people who really need it.   The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is the key supporter of the Midaye outreach service and has been for many years, we as well as all those we help are grateful for the continued support and recognition for this much needed service.

Outreach Date and Time:


Monday to Friday 10am – 5pm


The home visits and call out service is primarily designed to target those people who are unable to reach the office for any reason have difficulties accessing services and amenities in and around Kensington and Chelsea.  Midaye’s dedicated outreach workers also provide support to those who need translation facilities and liaising with outside agencies.

If you feel you need an out-reach worker to come visit you or you know of someone who might need our help please contact Midaye, contact details are in our contact page.

Midaye services are open to every member of the Somali community, Midaye provides the same level service to all genders and strongly adheres to the promotion of equal opportunities in all its services.

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