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The Supplementary school is held at the Midaye Community Centre at various times and dates.

To join the school please ensure that you first come to the office to complete the registration and inquire for any available space for your child.

MIDAYE OFFERS STUDY SUPPORT with professional teachers in the following subjects:




The Supplementary school is a lifeline to the children and parents in the community; Midaye have been running Supplementary education for the past five years and currently have over 60 children enrolled from diverse backgrounds.

One of Midaye’s main aims is to support the children who their parents can not help them with their school work because of language barriers. Most of the children who attend the Supplementary school are refugees who recently came to the country. Their parents speak limited English which limits how much support the parents can give to their children.

Midaye’s Supplementary school is not just for the Somali children but we promote and encourage other community members with similar needs to attend and take advantage in what we offer. We currently have Sudanese Egyptian and Kosovo attending the Supplementary school.

Joining the school is really easy, if you are interested or would like further information, please contact a member of the organisation via e-mail on or just come along to our office to learn more about the school..

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