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COVID-19 update: Midaye quickly adjusted its working model in March 2020 when the epidemic first started to really take hold in the UK. We have managed to continue almost all of our activities through remote contact - including our FGM work and our mental and emotional support projects. We have recently secured new funding from the London Community Response Fund and through Mind UK to provide increased emotional support for our communities during the COVID-19 crisis. Please don't hesitate to contact us for help or for more information.

Midaye stands for ‘Unity‘. 
We are a user-led charity that is focused on supporting ethnic minority communities.

Female Genital Mutilation

We work tirelessly to bring an end to the practice of Female Genital Mutilation and to offer compassionate and culturally-sensitive support to victims and those at-risk of the practice.
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Health & Wellness

We help people who are isolated and struggling with their physical or emotional health by providing culturally-intelligent counselling, advice, and community support.
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Community Support & Outreach

We empower communities to find their voice, to access services and resources which they have a right to, to obtain culturally-intelligent solutions to their specific challenges, and to contribute positively to wider London society.
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Women Empowerment

Many women in the ethnic minority communities suffer some of the worst levels of isolation and disempowerment. We work to change this.
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Education & Personal Development

We provide educational support for children and parents from ethnic minority communities.
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Midaye is a proud member of the Musawa BME Community Consortium, a partnership of grassroots organisations working to represent and serve a wide-range of BME communities in North Kensington.

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