Welcome to Midaye Somali Development Network


Midaye is a charitable organisation based in west London, the charity was established to address the needs of the Somali community and ethnic minorities. 

Since the organisation’s birth in 2002, Midaye has been expanding both in terms of services and popularity, thus helping numerous people from all ages and backgrounds with issues such as social, health  and education. 

Our objective is to serve the needs of the ethnic minority community representing all faiths, cultures and backgrounds and to work with both public and private sector service providers in order to eliminate barriers to services.

Our services aims to support the community

 The services that we provide aim to improve the standard of education to children and adults, provide information on local services and amenities decrease isolation and social exclusion, promote active involvement and wider community integration and support families who are evidently suffering from multiple destitution.

We also assess the level of need to be provided for service users to build the foundations to be self sufficient and productive for their families and the community.  

Our core services include: 

1. Supplementary school

2. Study support

3. Adult ESOL classes
4. Advice and advocacy service
5. Out-reach service

6. Health projects
7. Sports training